The Passing of Asagba of Asaba Kingdom, Chike Edozien

The transition of HRM Asagba Joseph Chike Edozien, Asagba of Asaba to eternal glory has been officially announced by the Asaba kingdom.

Anthony Edozien, the second son of the late monarch, has been designated as the regent responsible for overseeing the kingdom’s development until the return of the first son from abroad and the installation of a new monarch.

This information was conveyed in a statement signed by Anthony Edozien, on behalf of the family, Chief Patrick Ndili, the honor of Asaba, and Palace Secretary, and Obi Chief P Onyeobi, Iyase of Asaba, for Asaba Kingdom.

The late monarch, who ascended the throne on July 1, 1991, was 100 years old and had served as the 13th Asagba of Asaba.

Chief Ndili further clarified that although a new monarch has not been installed, the regent will fulfill the duties expected of a monarch.

“With heavy hearts, we announce the transition unto eternal glory of our highly revered royal father, Asagba Joseph Chike Edozien, the Asagba of Asaba kingdom.

“In all parts of the country, when a monarch passes on, only the community has the right to confirm, nobody should have the audacity to confirm it.

“Some even published that he has passed on when he was still ill. It is an abomination. Those who did that need to cleanse themselves and if it happens again they will be sanctioned.

“The burial arrangement will be announced by the family,” Ndili stated.